Hello, my name is Kevin Donahue. I started One Step Then Another to share my experiences and learnings as a pilgrim backpacker. As a trekker, I’ll explore the world from the trail, sharing my tips along the way as well as recommended gear that I use on my hikes. As a pilgrim, I’ll share insights from my own journey – both onward and inward – in hopes that it may benefit others on their own spiritual path.


I developed a passion for hiking at a young age as a Scout in the United States.  Years and life intervened but truly inspiring journeys – from the Samburuland in Northern Kenya to China’s legendary Dragon’s Spine – helped call me to explore the outdoors once more. With the support of my wife and son, I began section hiking the Florida Trail in 2018.  Somewhere along the way, I found my time spent on the trail leading me to reflect on my own spiritual journey.  Within the span of 12 months, I would be hiking the Florida Trail, the Appalachian Trail, and completing my first pilgrimage – the Camino Portugués – through Portugal and Spain along the famed Camino de Santiago to the Cathedral at Santiago de Compostela, Spain.


I chose One Step Then Another as the title for this blog to reflect both the physicality of trekking as well as the opportunity for reflection and insights gained when we slow our lives to the pace of our own footsteps. Equally, the name is a recognition that every experience transforms us and – more often than not – the journey has a far greater impact on our lives than the destination.


Looking ahead, my future treks include pilgrimage in 2020 along the coast of the Pacific Ocean connecting California’s Mission Trail, the ancient Pilgrims’ Way through England in 2021 from London to Canterbury, England and hiking sections of the Via Francigena from Canterbury, England through France and Switzerland to Rome.




Sacred Steps: A Pilgrimage Journal, a new book written by Kevin Donahue, is the story of reluctant pilgrim navigating the eternal questions of faith along the world’s revered paths.  The book follows one man’s journey through Portugal and Spain on the Camino de Santiago, along the coast of the Pacific Ocean connecting California’s Missions Trail, across England’s ancient Pilgrims’ Way and onward towards Rome via Europe’s forgotten footpaths on a journey of soulful discovery.


CURRENTLY IN DEVELOPMENT. Please visit www.sacredstepsbook.com for publishing information and inquiries.




To contact me with questions about your upcoming pilgrimage, recommended gear, to book Kevin Donahue to speak at your upcoming event, or to share feedback regarding this site, please click to view the contact page.




In 2020 and 2021 I’m walking England’s ancient Pilgrims’ Way from London to Canterbury. Afterward, I’ll begin the Via Francigena, the historic way in Europe connecting Canterbury to Rome. When I’m not in Europe, I’ll be preparing to walk sections of the California Mission Trail as well as the Florida Trail.