CAMINO 101: Five Mobile Phone Apps for Pilgrims Walking the Camino de Santiago

CAMINO 101: Five Mobile Phone Apps for Pilgrims Walking the Camino de Santiago

What are the best smartphone apps for walking the Camino de Santiago? In this CAMINO 101 video, author Kevin Donahue ( explores five essential iPhone and Android apps for pilgrims walking Spain’s Camino de Santiago.


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0:00 Introduction

0:22 Five Mobile Apps for Camino Pilgrims

0:37 Translation: Microsoft Translator

1:34 TIP: Popular Camino Words & Spanish Phrases

2:08 Pilgrimage: Digital Camino Pilgrim Passport

2:57 Navigation & Information: Buen Camino

3:34 Navigation & Information: Wise Pilgrim

4:05 Communication: WhatsApp

4:42 Tips for Your Camino




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