Following the deadly outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, most pilgrimage plans along the Camino de Santiago and Via Francigena were canceled or delayed in 2020 and 2021.  If you are interested in a pilgrimage in the age of Covid, here are the restrictions to assist pilgrims walking in Spain, France, Italy, and other nations.



COVID UPDATES:  EU Vaccination Passports

UPDATE  Updated May 2021

A new EU vaccination passport scheme will be tested between May and June 2021, with a planned roll-out for the member nations in late June 2021.


COVID UPDATES:  Camino de Santiago


UPDATE  Updated May 2021

Spanish authorities indicate that they will participate in the EU Vaccination Passport scheme, meaning that pilgrims vaccinated with an EU-approved medication may be permitted to enter for pilgrimage in late June / early July 2021. Local pilgrimage for Spanish nationals may be permitted in some instances. Please consult your national embassy, Spain’s Travel Health Guidance, and national Camino organization for more timely information. 



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COVID UPDATES:  Via Francigena


UPDATE Updated May 2021

France, Switzerland, and Italy have indicated a desire to participate with the EU Vaccination Passport plan emergency orders in place governing travel and tourism. The U.K. has its own roadmap that targets May 17 as a more open period. In total, pilgrims vaccinated with an EU-approved medication may be permitted to enter any region for pilgrimage in late June / early July 2021. These mandates may not be synchronized and travel between local regions may be more limited. Travelers from certain regions may be subject to additional entry restrictions. It is strongly advised that pilgrims follow the “10 Rules of a Traveller” document and consult with both the Via Francigena organization and your national embassy for timely updates.   


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COVID UPDATES:  Pilgrimage in Britain


UPDATE Updated May 2021

International entry restrictions are anticipated to be in place through Summer 2021, impacting England’s Pilgrims’ Way, the Way of St. Cuthbert, and other pilgrim places within Britain. International arrivals are permitted for many nations provided a negative COVID PCR test pre-arrival and a five-to-ten day quarantine, with negative COVID PCR test(s) after arrival. Local/regional travel may be subject to further restrictions, which will be reviewed after May 17, 2021. All arriving citizens and visitors from permitted nations may be required to quarantine (and consent to quarantine inspection) for nearly two weeks. Local pilgrimage for U.K. nationals may be permitted in some instances. European pilgrims are asked to remember that travel requirements may have changed due to Brexit. Please review specific restrictions for the U.K., consult with your national embassy and the British Pilgrimage Trust for timely updates. 



  • Roadmap for Restrictions
  • Step 2: No sooner than April 12 – limited holiday travel; campsites, contained lets
  • Step 3: No sooner than May 17 – most businesses, pubs, and inns reopen


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UPDATE Updated Jan. 2021

Travel for tourism and short-term purposes is not currently permitted. It is anticipated that restrictions may remain in place until or after the planned Tokyo Olympics in July-August 2021.  Local pilgrimage for Japanese nationals may be permissible. Consult with the Tanabe City Kumano Tourism Board and your national embassy for timely updates. 


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COVID UPDATES:  California Missions Trail


UPDATE Updated May 2021 

Walking the California Missions Trail is now generally permitted for all.  Many of the California Missions have capacity restrictions and hours of operations may be subject to change; however, most missions are open to pilgrims and guests.

International travel to the United States is subject to a negative PCR Covid test. Within California, differing levels of restrictions may be in place; however, most restaurants, hotels, and facilities are open. It is generally permissible to transfer at will from county to county, region to region provided you observe mask requirements and social distancing protocol; however, local restrictions may restrict capacities at some facilities and parks.  Pilgrims are advised to review national, state, and local restrictions within California and to consult with your national embassy for timely updates. 


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For all major routes, pilgrims are reminded that conditions may change with little advance notice. Precautions for personal safety and the protection of those in your contact are critical. Advance reservations may be required for accommodations.